Educational Policies, Teaching Practices and Social Interactions in Muslim Societies in Europe and the Arab World


Picture: An Arab school in Algiers © ANOM

Team Leaders: Juliette Honvault et Christine Mussard
Contributors: Julien GarricVanessa Guéno, Juliette HonvaultGéraldine JenvrinFrançoise LorcerieChristine Mussard, Sami Ouchane, Chloé PellegriniFrançois Siino 

This axis is an invitation to explore new themes around the ways in which knowledge is shared and learned both in the Arab-Muslim space, and among populations originally from the region who live as minorities. Educational policies, teaching practices, didactic methods, the material that is prescribed, taught, and actually understood, as well as the places, conditions and actors of sharing/learning processes, are considered within the historical and geopolitical specificities of this region. 

A monthly research seminar, brings together the projects of researchers from different IREMAM research teams (Contemporary Social Sciences, History and Islamic Studies, Languages, Literature and Linguistics) that deal with education. The research questions tackled at the seminar draw from the findings of recent historiography, but also from the needs of the teaching academy community as they come. The scientific activities and events carried out by the researchers are presented in an academic blog