Workshop, University of Oxford "Exploring Syria's Borders & Boundaries"

15-16 novembre 2017, University of Oxford, Middle East Centre (St Antony's) Maison Française d'Oxford (MFO).

15 novembre : Board Room, St Antony’s College (68 Woodstock Road, OX26JF.)

16 novembre: Maison Française d’Oxford (1-10 Norham Road, OX26SE). Avec notamment : Thomas Pierret (CNRS, Iremam) : “Syrian Islamists: From domestic politics to global jihad, and back”. Matthieu Rey (CNRS, Iremam) : “Another view on Sykes – Picot: ‘Making’ borders”. Myriam Benraad (University of Limerick et chercheure associée à l'Iremam) : “Bordering the ‘Ummah’: Iraq and the Islamic State’s Paradox”. Matthieu Cimino (Oxford University et chercheur associé à l'Iremam) : “Invention, Legitimization, and Diffusion of a Spatial Ideology in Militant Islam: the Case of Dâ’ish”.