Photo : Amman, Jordan © Hisham Zayadnh, Unsplash

Webinar “Rethinking the Nationhood in the Middle East: Jordan as a case study” - Fourth Session

Webinar supported by Institut Sociétés en Mutation en Méditerranée (SoMuM), within the framework of the Najor@Mo project, "Repenser le national au Moyen-Orient : la Jordanie comme cas d’étude". Organizers: Taher Labadi, Ifpo, Simon Mangon, Mesopolhis, Norig Neveu, Iremam.

Tuesday 19th of April, 3.00-5.00 p.m (CET), online. Zoom Link / ID: 861 3145 1538 / Secret Code: 238976

“How and why to engage in politics in Jordan? A look into youth and women’s forms of political participation”
In Jordan, as elsewhere, youth and women are generally described as the spearheads of democratic reform and are often at the heart of reformist discourse produced both by the regime itself and by international donors. But what space for political engagement do they have today? How have the forms of their political participation evolved in Jordan, according to the periods of political opening or closing?

- Daniele Cantini, senior research fellow at Halle University (Germany) and author of Youth and Education in the Middle East. Shaping Identity and Politics in Jordan (2016), who will talk about the forms of student political activism at the University of Jordan.
- Rana Husseini, human rights activist, senior journalist writing for The Jordan Times and author of the book Years of struggle - the women's movement in Jordan (2021). We will be able to benefit from her valuable insight into the transformation of the conditions of political engagement of these women over the past decades. 

- Eklas al Moadat, master student at Yarmouk University and working in enhancing Jordanian youth political participation.
- Louise Rautureau, master student at Sciences Po Grenoble in the "Integration and Transformation in the Middle East and Mediterranean" Master Program.
- Camille Abescat, PhD student at the Centre for International Research (Sciences Po Paris) and affiliated with the French Institute for the Near East. Learn more about the seminar and previous sessions