Séminaire IMéRA "Tunisia : The Geography of Revolt, Transformation and Iintervention"

3 juin 2016, 9h30-17h30, IMéRA (IEA d’AMU), salle de conférence, Marseille. Avec Vincent Geisser (IREMAM). Entrée libre.

"Contemporary state and non-state practices in the Middle East and North Africa take on new forms shaped by conflict, revolt, intervention and transformations within the context of globalisation, democratization and neoliberalism. This workshop explores these new practices of governing and citizenship, and ‘new’ socio-political and economic spaces resulting from and responding to these transformations and interventions in the case of Tunisia. More precisely, we seek contributions which unpack and challenge established binaries of state and non-state, political and civil society, public and private sectors, urban development and redevelopment, projects, privatisation of resources, new socio-economic actors, "participatory" governance initiatives, the involvement of European and Western NGOs/iNGOs, civil society associations, development/cooperation foundations and private sector actors in global regimes of governance."

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