Programm - Red Sea Workshop

Ethiopia, Arabia and the Medieval Red Sea. A Gathering

Tuesday 8, March 2022, 14:00-17:30, MMSH, salle Georges Duby, Aix-en-Provence. Organizers: Amélie Chekroun (CNRS, Iremam, ERC HornEast) & Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont (Université de Liège) / Download the programm


Introduction : Amélie Chekroun (CNRS, Iremam, ERC HornEast) & Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont (University of Liège)

Alessandro Gori (University of Copenhagen), From the Arabian Peninsula to Ethiopia and back: some observations on the genealogies of shaykh Husayn of Bale.

Timothy Insoll (University of Exeter, Centre for Islamic Archaeology), Potential archaeological research priorities in the medieval Red Sea.

Sobhi Bouderbala (Tunis Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, ERC HornEast), The Najahides (5th-6th/11th-12th centuries): An Ethiopian slave dynasty in medieval Yemen.

Amélie Chekroun (CNRS, Iremam, ERC HornEast), Rasulid documentation for the History of the Walasma dynasty.

Julien Loiseau (Aix-Marseille University, Iremam, ERC HornEast), Through the Looking-Glass. Preliminary remarks on the Hijrat al-Habasha's narratives and the connexions between Arabia and Ethiopia at the dawn of Islam. 

Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont (University of Liège), Ethiopians scholars and their descendants in the narrative construction of Medieval Western Arabia: an assessment (VIIe-IXe/XIIIe-XVe s.).