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At IREMAM and the MMSH Library

The IREMAM Documents Archive

IREMAM possesses a documents archive dating back to 1956, which covers the modern Arab world in the humanities and the social sciences, in both Western languages and Arabic. Incorporated into the collections of the médiathèque de la MMSH in 2004, the archive complements those of the Aix-Marseille I University library (Mediterranean Orient 1453-1900), and those of the National Archives’ Overseas Territories Archives Center (colonial period).

These rich collections represent half a century of research in Islamic studies, history, linguistics, law, sociology, anthropology, political sciences, migration flows and international relations in the Arab and Muslim world.

  • Special donated collections
    J. Dejeux Collection (Francophone Maghreb literature)

    B. Etienne Collection (political sciences, Islam)
J.-R. Henry Collection (Francophone Maghreb literature)
J. Lacouture Collection (modern history)
J. Luccioni Collection (colonial history of Morocco)
R. Mantran Collection (history of the Ottoman Empire)
M. Michel Collection (African history)
Y. Porter Collection (Middle-Eastern art history)
A. Raymond Collection (history of Arab towns)
C. Souriau Collection (women in the Maghreb)
  • Collections of the official journals of the countries of the Maghreb (post-independence)
  • Researchers’ private archives
    Fonds Y. Bonète (anthropological photographs from Algeria)
    Fonds Couleau (manuscripts on agriculture in Morocco)
    Fonds J. Desparmet (ethnography and the Arabic language in Algeria)
    Fonds L. Golvin (photographs of medieval archeology from Algeria)
    Fonds Germaine Laoust-Chantréaux (material and photographs linked to his ethnographic field research in Morocco and Algeria, mostly Kabyle)
    Fonds J. Revault (photographs of domestic architecture in Tunisia and Morocco)
    Fonds A. Roux (Arab and Berber manuscripts)

The MMSH Library’s Documents Archive

The archives of the MMSH Library bring together a high standard of publications and materials in history, the humanities and social sciences on the countries of the Mediterranean, of both Western (North coast) and Arab civilization (extending to the region of Muslim civilization).

The archives also bring together document libraries (Arab Studies and Thematic Studies Departments), an image library and a sound archive.

Providing research support for researchers and doctoral students, it is also, however, open to the public and to students whose courses are held at the MMSH.

The archives bring together more than 280 000 documents from the diverse laboratories that make up the MMSH : IREMAM, TELEMME, IDEMEC, LAMES, IMAF :

  • 150 000 books, including 45 000 in Arabic and a very interesting fund on Berber studies,
  • 4800 titles of magazines including some 200 subscriptions and 2000 titles of periodicals published in the Arab World,
  • 2100 maps,
  • 120 000 iconographic documents (mainly architectural and ethnographic photographs on the Arab and Muslim World),
  • 6000 hours of sound archives of which 3500 can be consulted on the Internet.
  • The digital resources available on the e-Library website include both highlights of the library’s collections, and native digital resources,
  • Since 2016, two multimedia navigation terminals in the reading room provide direct access to the archives of the French National Audiovisual Archives (INA).

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From Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm, and on Mondays from 1pm to 5:30pm.

Contact :

Bérengère Clément, Archivist, Head of IREMAM Acquisitions
Tél. +33 (0)4 42 52 41 15

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And the Digital City of the Mediterranean ​(CINUMED) which is a platform for the pooling and sharing of knowledge in the field of Mediterranean studies in the humanities and social sciences.